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Wisconsin Commercial Elevator Maintenance Services

Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Maintenance in Central and Eastern Wisconsin

Keeping elevators safe and reliable is what we do best at Express Elevator, serving central and eastern Wisconsin. Elevator maintenance is crucial, and we’re here to make it easy for you.

Our team specializes in routine maintenance, ensuring your elevators run smoothly. We make a personalized plan for your elevators that includes regular check-ups and the services they require. This not only keeps your costs predictable but also ensures your elevators keep running without a hitch.

With our proactive approach, we’ll notify you when upgrades are necessary, so you’re always prepared. Choose Express Elevator for hassle-free elevator maintenance, so you can focus on what you do best.


Why work with us?

Proper Elevator Maintenance

Effective elevator maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of all elevator systems. It reduces the amount of malfunctions and system failures, decreasing the risk of unexpected, expensive repairs. This allows for a safe and seamless riding experience for its passengers. By partnering with Express Elevator, you can be at ease knowing that our team of union field technicians are taking care of your elevator systems.

Why work with us?
Elevator Inspections to Prevent Violations

Express Elevator offers top-tier elevator maintenance services that ensure the seamless operation of your elevators and prevent costly inspection violations. Our comprehensive service plans encompass routine visual inspections, cleaning, and the lubrication of necessary components. Our expert technicians conduct code-required safety testing to guarantee compliance.
Throughout your maintenance agreement with us, our diligent technicians will identify any issues that require immediate correction, helping you steer clear of code violations and delays in obtaining your Elevator Permit to Operate (PTO). Trust Express Elevator for hassle-free, code-compliant elevator maintenance that keeps your vertical transportation systems in peak condition.

Why work with us?
Elevator Preventative Maintenance for Cost Savings

Regular, well-planned elevator maintenance isn't just a wise investment—it's a cost-saving strategy. By conducting scheduled preventive maintenance, you ensure the longevity of crucial elevator components. This leads to a significant decrease in repair expenses throughout your elevator's lifespan.
Additionally, it's not just the property managers and owners who benefit. A reliable elevator system enhances rider satisfaction, making for a smoother and more efficient experience for everyone.

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