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3 Elevator Maintenance Tips Every Building Manager Should Know

May 29, 2024

Elevators often face issues that can frustrate both managers and users. Regular maintenance is key to preventing these problems. This article offers practical tips to keep elevators running smoothly and safely.

Read on for expert advice provided by Express Elevator.

The Importance of Elevator Maintenance

Keeping elevators in top shape ensures safety and smooth operation. It also helps avoid expensive repairs and keeps your building compliant with codes.

Ensures safety and functionality

Regular elevator maintenance is a must for keeping passengers safe and the system running smoothly. It checks for any potential issues that could lead to breakdowns or unsafe conditions.

This practice not only ensures that commercial elevators operate without hitches but also significantly reduces the chance of unexpected malfunctions. Managers can rely on consistent performance, which is crucial in busy commercial settings.


Preventive maintenance is key to an elevator’s long-term safety and operational efficiency.


Scheduled inspections and timely repairs play vital roles in extending an elevator’s lifespan. This approach helps avoid sudden failures that could disrupt daily operations. By focusing on preventive care, building managers ensure their elevators meet safety standards and function as intended every day.

Next up, let’s explore how reducing risks of costly repairs can further benefit commercial properties.

Reduces risk of costly repairs

Scheduled elevator maintenance spots small issues before they turn into big, expensive problems. Fixing parts early can save thousands of dollars on major repairs down the line. This approach keeps elevators in top shape and avoids the downtime that comes with extensive fixes.

Property managers find value in preventing breakdowns that lead to high repair costs and unhappy tenants. Regular checks ensure all components are functioning properly, reducing the need for emergency services from companies like Express Elevator, even though they’re available 24/7.

Staying proactive with commercial elevator services is a smart financial decision that also boosts safety and reliability.

Keeps building up to code

Keeping elevators up to code is crucial for safety and compliance. Regular commercial elevator maintenance ensures systems meet legal standards at all times. This process involves routine inspections, repairs, and updates based on current regulations.

Express Elevator specializes in providing the necessary services to ensure buildings comply with these codes.

Elevators that adhere to building codes run more efficiently and encounter fewer issues. Building managers must focus on preventive plans that include checking key components and safety devices during maintenance visits.

This proactive approach prevents potential code violations and guarantees a smooth, uninterrupted service for users.

How to Create a Preventive Maintenance Plan for Elevators

Creating a preventive maintenance plan requires setting up regular check-ups and repairs. This keeps elevators safe and avoids unexpected breakdowns.

Checklist for regular maintenance tasks

Elevator maintenance is key for safety and efficiency. A preventive maintenance plan helps avoid costly repairs and ensures smooth operation. Here’s a checklist for regular elevator maintenance tasks:


  1. Inspect doors regularly – Check that they open and close properly without delays or jams.
  2. Test safety features – Ensure emergency lights, alarms, and communications systems work well.
  3. Lubricate moving parts – Keep components like the door operator, bearings, and rails lubricated to reduce wear.
  4. Examine cables and pulleys – Look for signs of wear or fraying in the cables and ensure pulleys move freely.
  5. Clean elevator pits – Remove debris from the pit at the bottom of the shaft to prevent equipment damage.
  6. Check leveling accuracy – Make sure the elevator stops level with each floor for safe entry and exit.
  7. Test buttons and signals – Confirm all floor selection buttons and arrival signals operate correctly.
  8. Review power systems – Assess batteries, backup generators, and power supplies to avoid unexpected shutdowns.
  9. Verify machine room condition – Keep the area housing the motor and control systems clean, dry, and well-ventilated.


After completing these tasks regularly, your elevators will run more smoothly and safely. Next, let’s discuss scheduling maintenance visits efficiently.

Scheduling maintenance visits

After creating a checklist for regular maintenance tasks, the next step is scheduling maintenance visits. This ensures elevators operate safely and efficiently.


  1. Determine frequency: Decide how often your elevators need servicing. High-traffic buildings may require more frequent visits.
  2. Plan ahead: Schedule visits several months in advance to avoid conflicts and ensure availability.
  3. Contact professionals: Reach out to experienced companies like Express Elevator that offer comprehensive maintenance services.
  4. Prioritize emergencies: Always have a plan for urgent issues. Express Elevator provides 24/7 emergency services.
  5. Record dates: Keep a detailed log of all maintenance visits, noting any repairs or replacements made.
  6. Notify tenants: Inform building occupants in advance about scheduled maintenance to minimize inconvenience.
  7. Review progress: After each visit, discuss any concerns or recommendations with the technicians to keep your elevator in top condition.


Following these steps will help maintain your elevator’s performance and extend its lifespan.

Keeping track of maintenance records

After scheduling maintenance visits, it’s crucial to keep track of all maintenance records. This ensures elevators stay in top shape and helps identify when the next service is due. Here are key practices for maintaining these records:


  1. Create a digital log: Use software to store all elevator maintenance records. This makes it easy to access and update information.
  2. Record every inspection and repair: Each time an elevator gets inspected or repaired, log the date, nature of the work, and any parts replaced.
  3. Note down regular maintenance: Include details of routine checks. This shows you’re following a preventive maintenance plan.
  4. Monitor performance issues: Log any reported problems or performance issues between scheduled visits.
  5. Update safety certifications: Keep digital copies of all safety certifications and inspection reports.
  6. Review records regularly: Check your maintenance logs frequently to spot trends or recurring issues that may need attention.


These steps help building managers stay proactive in their elevator maintenance, reducing repairs and ensuring safety and efficiency as emphasized by Express Elevator Maintenance Services.

Tips for Choosing an Elevator Maintenance Contract

To pick the right elevator maintenance contract, compare service details and negotiate rates for a deal that best fits your building’s needs.

Full service vs. basic service contracts

Choosing the right elevator maintenance contract is crucial for commercial property managers. Here is a concise comparison between full service and basic service contracts to guide your decision.


Contract Type Features Benefits Considerations
Full Service Contracts Includes regular maintenance, emergency repairs, and modernization options. Provides comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. More expensive, but protects against unexpected repair costs and downtime.
Basic Service Contracts Covers routine maintenance and minor repairs only. More budget-friendly. May leave managers vulnerable to unexpected costs and elevator downtime.


These options reflect the balance between cost and coverage that building managers must consider. Full service contracts offer extensive protection while basic service contracts cater to tighter budgets.

Negotiating the best rates


To secure the best rates for elevator maintenance, start by comparing offers from different providers. Express Elevator gives building managers valuable insight on how to cut costs without cutting corners. Highlight your building’s specific needs and ask for customized solutions that match. It’s crucial to show potential service providers the volume of work you’re offering. This can leverage your position in negotiations.

Discuss long-term contracts as they often come with better pricing. Be open about your budget constraints and ask if there are any special deals or discounts available, especially for commercial properties in Milwaukee, Madison, and other areas served by Express Elevator.


Inspecting the contract thoroughly

Carefully read every part of your maintenance contract. Look for services covered, response times for emergencies, and any extra costs not immediately obvious. Express Elevator Maintenance Services advises asking for clarification on vague terms to avoid surprises later.

Ensure the contract meets both current needs and potential future requirements as your building evolves.

Next, consider how technology can simplify elevator maintenance for your property.

Utilizing Technology for Elevator Maintenance

Technology transforms elevator maintenance, making it more efficient. Mobile forms and automated systems streamline inspections and track repairs easily.

Use of mobile forms for inspections and repairs

Mobile forms streamline elevator inspections and repairs by making the process quick and efficient. Technicians can use tablets or smartphones to fill out checklists in real-time, upload photos of issues, and even capture signatures digitally.

This method cuts down on paperwork, speeds up communication between teams, and ensures accurate records are kept instantly.

For Express Elevator’s team of professionals, mobile technology means they can offer faster response times for maintenance calls. It enables them to easily access a building’s maintenance history on-the-go, allowing for effective diagnosis and immediate action.

This approach not only saves time but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing swift solutions to any elevator issues.

Automated maintenance tracking with CMMS

Automated maintenance tracking with CMMS streamlines the process for elevator maintenance, allowing for efficient scheduling and management of work orders. This technology significantly improves maintenance efficiency, leading to less downtime and fewer costly repairs.

By utilizing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), property managers can easily monitor elevator maintenance schedules and history with accuracy.


Utilizing CMMS for elevator maintenance activities offers a comprehensive approach to ensuring safety, reducing repair costs, and keeping up with necessary codes.


Benefits of near miss reporting

Switching from automated maintenance tracking, near miss reporting brings its own set of advantages. It helps identify potential safety hazards before they escalate into accidents or injuries.

This proactive approach ensures elevators operate safely and efficiently. By highlighting issues early, building managers can prioritize maintenance tasks to prevent future problems.

This strategy not only enhances safety but also optimizes elevator performance by addressing risks at their onset.

Near miss reporting also simplifies the maintenance process for commercial property managers. Leveraging technology makes it easier to track and manage these reports, streamlining the identification of issues that could compromise elevator functionality.

With this system in place, managing elevator upkeep becomes more efficient, allowing for swift action on potential hazards and ensuring a safer environment for all building occupants.

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